Crazy inventors are solving the problems we didn’t know we had, gadget by nifty gadget

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Image: 8 food gadgets you didn’t know you needed, until now

There's a whole world of food gadgets available to buy – just don't get your fingers burnt ...

If the future is food printing then the present is butter on a stick. Confused? You will be.


1. The strawberry slicer


Taking laziness to new and dizzying heights is the Strawberrry Slicer (yes, there’s an extra ‘r’) which saves at least five seconds of your life by removing the manual element of chopping strawbs with hands and a knife. Summer garden party’s back on, guys!

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2. Corn on the cob butter spreader


The great thing about corn on the cob is that it’s hot, so you can just drop knobs of butter on it and then the butter instantly melts to spreadable temperature. But if we pretend that fact doesn’t exist, this is blooming genius!

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3. The hotdog maker


Because there’s nothing better than a gadget that takes up space in the kitchen, that can only be used to make one thing, which you rarely make for yourself at home anyway.

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4. The spaghetti ice cream maker


Just imagine the look on your guests’ faces when you serve up a dessert of spaghetti following a main of … spaghetti.  HA HA HA HA HA HA. Where’s everyone gone?

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5. Roast cutting tongs


Don’t be fooled – this harmless-seeming gadget is actually a cunning way for the system to gain total control of our meat slice widths the world over. "Freedom is slavery" they say. "Down with Big Brother," we say "and let us have our irregular meat slices."

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6. The flexible lunchbox


One of the many ‘hazards’ of carrying a sandwich on the go is the potential misalignment of all the ingredients during transportation. Those on the obsessive-compulsive spectrum need panic no more, the flexible lunchbox holds it all together, and its snazzy design looks just a bit like a laptop, which makes you look important.

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Flexible lunchbox



7. The butter stick


If Pritt Stick can do it, so can butter! (Just keep them in separate drawers.) The all-new butter stick allows you to spread your butter at any temperature – plus it’s handy to have around the house when your lip balm runs out.

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8. The ramen hair guard

No need to suffer the unbearable embarrassment of noodles in your hair any more, just pop on a fetching, subtle and totally not embarrassing rubber pink thing on your face. Job done.

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8. Trongs

The idea of food being finger lickin' good may soon be obsolete with a pair of Trongs (watch out KFC). But as far as we're concerned, two trongs don't make a right.

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