The sweetest softest fruits are berry, berry moreish. Here are some wickedly good recipes

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Image: What's in Season? Raspberries

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Our favourite summer berry, the raspberry, is actually a member of the rose family. They're at their best from late June through to October and they're one of the easier berries to try and grow yourself. 


Look for bright, evenly coloured plump berries and, if you're buying a punnet, check the bottom isn't stained from the ones underneath getting crushed. Avoid raspberries with the hulls still attached. This suggests they were picked before they were ready and their flavour will be tart. 


These delicate little berries are perfect just on their own, but if you've got too many on your hands or you're feeling adventurous try some of these delicious recipes.


1. Raspberry cheesecake brownies

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Raspberry. Cheesecake. Brownie. Well, those are three of our favourite words. And this might just be our favourite brownie.


2. Raspberry rose gin and tonic

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You might believe the classic gin and tonic is something that can be improved on, but this raspberry and rose version will have you rethinking everything.


3. Raspberry crêpe cake

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What's better than a crêpe? A crêpe cake! Especially one that's topped with raspberries, dusted with icing sugar and filled with a gorgeous raspberry cream filling.


4. Raspberry streusel bars

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These delicious raspberry bars have four amazing layers to them. The buttery shortbread crust, the thick raspberry filling, the brown sugar streusel, and then a drizzle of sweet vanilla glaze. Oh. My. Goodness.


5. Raspberry and dark chocolate banana bread

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Be still our beating hearts. This dark chocolate and raspberry banana bread looks incredible. A perfect excuse for all those bananas quietly turning speckled in your fruit bowl.


6. Raspberry, blueberry and coconut ice lollies

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This is so easy, it's a wonder we aren't all whipping up our own ice lollies. Throw anything into the blender, and then into the freezer. This recipe ups the stakes with acai berries and coconut milk.


7. Raspberry and lemonade marshmallows

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"Make my own marshmallows? Are you mad?" Hear us out. Follow this to the letter (no improvising allowed!) and you'll see it's way easier than it looks, plus they taste completely delicious. 


8. Raspberry and chocolate oat cookies

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A big oaty, raspberry-ey, chocolatey mess of a cookie. It's a combo of solid, dependable oats, fresh raspberries and decadent dark chocolate. What a mix.


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