From doughnuts as buns to deep fried pasta fillings, these are the world's most calorific burgers

There is a very fine line between madness and genius, and sometimes that fine line is made of bacon. Behold the meaty creations that give nutritionists nightmares.


The Mac Attack burger

If a huge helping of cheesy pasta doesn't satisfy your grumbling tummy, then you may want to pootle on over to the windy city where the Rockit Burger Bar are serving their meat in a deep fried mac 'n' cheese bun. Why didn't we think of that? Two comfort foods in one humdinger of a meal. 

Cost: $15

Calorie damage: a modest 1,039

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The cronut burger

While you were still trying to get your head around the cronut trend (a croissant crossbred with a donut) those lunatics across the pond were already shoving meat inside theirs. Indeed. This, dear food friends, is Epic Burger's cheese/jam/bacon/maple syrup monstrosity.


Unfortunately due to suspected jam refrigeration issues, it was pulled from stores after it made some Canadian consumers rather ill. Probably for the best.

Cost: $10

Calorie damage: 7,000

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The DB burger

This New York bistro chucked their hat into the ring for the world's richest burger. Their house speciality is a Sirloin Burger filled with braised short ribs, foie gras and black truffles all served in a parmesan bun. Can we lie down now, please?

Cost: $32

Calorie damage: 1,600

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db burger

Via Original DB burger / Daniel Boulud /


The bacon breakfast burger

If you could have bacon, would you even bother with bread? Well this crazy cat at Dude Foods didn't just ask the question, he went along and weaved his own bun. 

This meaty thatch is made up of two backs of thick cut bacon, an egg and meat patty. So wrong it's right.

Cost: To make it yourself, about £8

Calorie damage: 950

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The quadruple bypass

This is the reassuringly-named Heart Attack Grill's signature 9,992 calorie meat fest. It boasts four (yes, that's four) half-pound beef patties, 20 strips of bacon and eight slices of American cheese, all served in a bun coated with lard. Yum. 


The ethics of the Las Vegas Heart Attack Grill and its gargantuan burgers were questioned in 2013 when unofficial spokesman John Alleman, 52, died after he suffered a real life heart attack. As restaurant owner Jon Basso says:  "I don't tell anyone to come to the Heart Attack Grill more often than once a month. I say it right in the door, 'Caution, this establishment is bad for your health.'"

Cost: $14

Calorie damage: 9,982

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The Luther burger

Another creation of our kooky American cousins, this sickly delight swaps out a burger bun for a sticky donut. It's said to have been named after music legend Luther Vandross who had Elvis-like tastes in mightily calorific food. 

Cost: $5

Calorie damage: 1,000

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Via Facebook / CraveRealBurgers


The lasagne burger

This light lunch is made up of a beef patty smothered in tomato sauce and melted provolone chees. Uniquely, it's served on a deep fried lasagne bun. Mamma mia.

Cost: $15

Calorie damage: 3,000

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Feeling suddenly very hungry for a burger? Why not try making our very decadent (but less artery clogging) ultimate burger or keep it simple with a homemade burger and hand cut chipsOr if all this is just giving you the meat sweats, have a go at some tasty chickpea ones.