Another week in The Great British Bake Off tent, and yet another showstopper challenge that had us reaching for our mixing bowls and cookie cutters. Yes, we’re talking about biscuit week

With no rules other than they have to stand up, these clever 3D cookie creations have really put our afternoon digestives to shame.


Dust off those rulers, protractors and compasses (hello maths GCSE memories) – it's time to take your biscuits to the next level.


Our advice to you? Keep your biscuit mix simple. 


Ahoy there, sailor

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Pirate 3D biscuit

Via Great British Bake Off / Love Productions / BBC

Despite crafting a product which looks like when "Long John Silver mated with Shrek" (thanks for that image, Sue), 2014 Great British Bake Off contestant Richard proved that a background in building is very useful here. NB a pencil behind the ear while working is optional.



A roaring success

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Lion 3D biscuit

Via Great British Bake Off / Love Productions / BBC

For the faint of heart, swap your graph paper and pencil for a cookie cutter – it will give you much more time to get creative with the icing. 



Pick up a penguin

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Penguin 3D biscuit

Via Instagram / redwagonevents

This geometric wonder is a lesson in the art of precision baking and decorating. We might just file this under 'inspiration'. 



The cutest cookie

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Elephant 3D biscuit

Via Instagram / cakeabite

Too adorable to eat? Yes, possibly. If you're baking with the kids, ditch the templates and cutting out of fiddly shapes for the security of a cookie cutter. 



The wild wild west

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Cowboy biscuits

Photograph: BBC

The devil really was in the detail for Iain in series 5 (yes, we're looking at the pistachio green cacti). 



Beside the seaside ...

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A Day At The Beach

Photogarph: BBC

Proving that a single biscuit isn't enough, Chetna's seaside town from 2014 truly made the mind boggle.


And if all this makes you want to run for the baking hill, try whipping up a batch of these cute bumblee and flower biscuits instead.


For the brave of heart, make sure you upload a photo of your 3D cookie creations.