Banish breakfast boredom. Here’s how to make those porridge oats more bearable

Not too hot, not too cold but, um, not quite right.


If you’ve lost count of how many bowls of the same old porridge you’ve knocked back this winter, never fear, we’ve got your back.


This is porridge but not as you know it.  

Just add: chocolate, cherries and coconut

OK, so we know porridge is meant to be the healthy option but life is about more than oats and milk. Say hello to the weekend treat of the porridge world: cherry chocolate porridge.

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Just add: peanut butter

Call us nutty but a spoonful of peanut butter and some sliced banana makes a morning bowl of porridge sound a lot more appealing. Go on, stop monkeying around.

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Just add: bread

If you’ve not nailed the perfect porridge portion (seriously, has anyone?), you’ll have a couple of spoonfuls of the oat-so-good stuff leftover.


Step away from the bin because, dear friends, you can add this to a basic bread dough. Why? Well, for a chewy, moist loaf with a good crust. 

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Bread rolls

Achi Raz / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: Achi

Just add: an oven, spices, nuts and fruit

Porridge shouldn’t just be made on the hob or in the microwave. Oh no. You can bake it too. Just check out that golden crust. Mmm. 

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Just add: cider

Well, it is a winter dish, right? Try the recipe here

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Just add: quinoa and coconut milk

If you find porridge a little on the bland side then it’s time to swap your oats for quinoa. Add some coconut milk, chamomile tea and some spices for a virtuous-looking brekkie. Try it here

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Once you've mastered the basics with our perfect porridge recipe, tell us below: what do you to make porridge that little bit more exciting?