Beautiful purple plums are once again in season

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Image: What's in season?

Tony Hisgett/CC BY-SA 2.0/adapted/Flickr: hisgett

Oh the lovely plum, in season now (from May to October, in fact). Look for fresh fruits with a rich colour and a wonderful sweet smell: a ripe plum should gently yield to the touch. 


When ripe, plums should be eaten right away, or will keep happily in the fridge for up to two weeks. Bring them back to room temperature before cooking or eating. They freeze well – just take the stones out first. 


Now let's eat!


1. Plum pie

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Each peach pear plum... if those words don't whoosh you back to your childhood, then we don't know what will. Plum pie in the sun, I spy everyone? Plum pie has adventure story written all over it. Made for picnics and lashings of ginger beer, or just an excellent dinner party dessert. 


2. Plum ricotta cake

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This is a wonderful plum ricotta cake, full of olive oil and bursting with Mediterranean flavours. Not too sweet, but plenty delicious.


3. Savoury plum tart

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What a combination. Plums, mascarpone, sweet onions, basil, honey and balsamic vinegar make up this amazing savoury plum tart. Add a pastry dough and you've got yourself a winning dinner.


4. Plum swirl frozen yogurt

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An amazing plum frozen yogurt dessert topped with granola seamlessly becomes a perfect breakfast. We can't wait to try this one.


5. Plum roll-ups

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Remember those amazing fruit roll-ups from the days of yore? Well, they're back, they're just as delicious and you can make them with so little effort. What could be more satisfying?


6. Plum and thyme prosecco smash

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Everything about this plum and thyme cocktail sounds amazingly sophisticated. "Oh this? It's just a plum and thyme smash." *swans from the room in a ballgown*


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