You're all fired up about the raunchiest film, like, ever. Apparently. Now here's how to eat like the racy pair. If that's your thing

While you're gearing up for the movie event of the year, nay the last two years, we've been busy skimming our way back over the steamy pages of the world's favourite naughty read and biting our lip. And no, not in a sexy way.


Turns out when Ana and Christian weren't flying around in helicopters and, you know, hehem, they were tucking into some pretty tasty-sounding dinners. And because our minds are clean and we are consumate professionals we've put them all together for your cooking pleasure.


They might not have you screaming "holy cow" at the top of your lungs, but maybe you could eat them with your eyes closed and you can pretend you're dining with Dornan. Or, you know ... not. 

Ana kicks off the day with maple syrup and bacon pancakes 

If there's a big day of getting jiggy ahead of you then you'd be sensible to start with a pork banquet, which is why Ana has herself these American pancakes at the Heathman Hotel. 

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Christian opts for an egg white omelette

How else could this brooding squillionaire hunk stay in such excellent shape than to eat, frankly, souless breakfasts like this? Hopefully for Ana "you don't have to do anything you don't want to" also goes for bland eggy breakfasts. Perhaps that's why Mr Grey isn't the most lighthearted fellow. His sunny side is in the bin. 

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Late lunching on chicken caesar salad with Grey

After a short and *clears throat* eye-opening experiment with a riding crop, we find Ana's lunch tastes aren't half as exotic as her bedroom ones. But hey, this seems like as good a time as any to make yourself a top salad. We've had a go at a few and this one is hands down the tastiest. Torn fresh ciabatta makes it a real winner. Do as your heroine did and enjoy with a nice cold glass of chablis.

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Scallops with chorizo and red peppers with the Grey family

Even if you don't own a private helicopter or have a bondage habit chorizo and scallops are definitely worth splashing out on. Believe us. When Ana goes for dinner at the Grey family house she is served nothing less than spicy sausage. Holy hell, you'll enjoy it. 


Round things off as the Greys do with ultimate retro dessert: lemon syllabub, because Christian does not do vanilla. Certainly helped Ana find her "inner goddess" :-/

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Slurping spaghetti vongole at Christian's swanky flat

When Ana meets up with Christian Grey at his massive apartment in the Escala things get seriously sophis and they sit down to a meal of spaghetti with clams. Arguably the least sexy dish that could ever be eaten between lovers. But hey, it floats their boat. Hmmn. Perhaps it's the bottle of sancerre (do you see a theme emerging? Yes, this means you can have one too) that gets their juices flowing. Who knew a simple bowl of clams was the key to your inner goddess? 

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Then black cod with asparagus and hollandaise

Because Ana loves a good nibble on the top of an asparagus, when she and Christian meet at the Heathman Hotel (yes it's a real hotel) in Oregon to discuss "the contract" they dine on this swanky-sounding supper. If you can get your hands on some black cod then you may want to give this miso version a whirl. It'll make you feel rare, expensive and overfished  just like Christian.


Failing that completely, just crack open a bottle of a sancerre like the starcrossed rompers do. Cheers!

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