Here are five magnificent eggy hacks so you can peel hard boiled eggs in mere seconds

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Image: ways to peel an egg

Photo: MicahMedia Via Youtube

Nothing should stand between you and all that eggy goodness. Here are some pretty impressive hacks for peeling hard-boiled eggs with superhero speed.

Blow them out

That's right. Blowing. Also known as the 'Russian method'. If you've got a good pair of lungs on you, you can literally blow an egg right out of its shell. Watch this chap show you how and revel in the magic.

Shake them out

This can be done with nothing more than a glass of water. And the shell just lifts off. What wizardry!

Really shake them out

If a glass of water is moving things along fast enough, throw the eggs into a pan of water with a plate as a lid and shake them that way.

Roll them out

The classic roll. Peel off either end, roll them along the table and voilà, you have one perfectly peeled egg.

Spoon them out

But how can it be so speedy! In goes the spoon, out comes the egg!