Summer is upon us, and that means picnic season! Avoid the soggy sandwiches, persistent wasps and numb bums with these top tips

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Image: sausage rolls

Photograph: Seven

Avoid a food fight and bring enough sausage rolls for everyone!

Do it in the garden: who says you have to go further afield than your own back yard when it comes to picnicking? Staying close to home avoids packing all your food into Tupperware (where ARE those lids, anyway?), and you can bring out your comfiest cushions for luxurious lounging, too.

Serve dessert in a jam jar: it makes food look trendy, and it’s easier to transport. Layer ready-made fruit salad with granola and yogurt for pretty, portable treats. Don’t forget the spoons!

Soggy sarnies: sandwiches aren’t the only picnic food, and ready-made mini pork pies, sausage rolls or pasties make a far more robust snack. Hollow out a large crusty white loaf, too, and fill with roasted red peppers, sliced salami and Cheddar cheese for an impressive picnic loaf.

Get waspish: Nothing spoils a balmy summer afternoon like unwanted guests, so burn some Citronella candles to keep insects at bay. Or a brutally effective wasp trap is to cut the top off a large plastic bottle filled with a little bit of orange juice (or other sweet drink), and replace the top upside-down to create a funnel. Once wasps get in, they can’t get out!

Mix it up: An expertly shaken cocktail is a sophisticated addition to a summer evening, but a picnic isn’t the place to start learning the art of mixology. Cheat, and bring a pre-mixed G&T or Pimm’s in a flask with some ice instead – your guests won’t mind, promise!