Weird? Brave? Bonkers? These people love food so much they took to the old indelible ink

We wholeheartedly support these people's visible declarations of their love of food, we just probably wouldn't do it ourselves. 

1. Two people, one avocado, one love

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Avocado tattoos

Via James White / Iconsquare / iamjimmyjam


2. We're guessing this is probably NOT a vegan

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Meat tattoo

Via firstwefeast / Pinterest / We Are Cooking


3. Cute. Very cute

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4. The utter insanity of twiddling spaghetti without a spoon, on an arm

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Spaghetti tattoo

Via Iconsquare / Woodzart


5. Chocolate photorealism in HD

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Chocolate tattoo

Via Mick Squires /


6. Now we're talking

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Mac and cheese tattoo

gr1m13  / CC BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: gr1m13



7. Woah, and we thought the chocolate looked real ...

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Via Alex Bowran / Pinterest / Lorna Goodsell Walsh


8. Just like momma used to make

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Mom melted cheese sandwich tattoo

Via Tumblr / mattg124


9. We get it, it's a knuckle sandwich

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10. This slice of pizza is cool

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Pizza tattoo

Via First Place Tattoos / Tumblr / artsy-shartsy


11. If this isn't customer loyalty, we don't know what is

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12. Some cooks' tools over 'ear

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13. And then there was this cheeky fellow who got the Nando's logo tattooed on his bum 

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Nandos tattoo

Via News Dog Media /

Apparently he thought it would get him free meals. It didn't.