These staggering structures put Hansel and Gretel's gaff to shame

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Image: tower bridge made from gingerbread


The icing on the cake: London's famous Tower Bridge rendered in gingerbread

For centuries, Christmas elves have been busy crafting gingerbread marvels with their nimble festive fingers - but now it's safe to say the competition has got pretty out of hand.


If you thought your cookie cutter version was impressive, you're way out of your depth. This is art you can feast your eyes and your tastebuds on.


New York townhouse

This gorgeous red brick number is giving us property envy as well as making us seriously hungry. This competition entry by Molly Dowd features a bubblegum roof and popcorn trees. Adorable.

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Thatched cottage

While this gorgeously dinky Great British creation takes "chocolate box cottage" to a whole new level. 

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Russian palace

Travel a little way across the Black Sea and you've got this turreted icing spectacular.

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russian ghouse

Via: Pinterest


A fairytale castle

Travel even further, into a little girl's wildest dreams, and you've got Cinderella's palace ... made of BISCUITS. Complete with perfectly manicured topiary and a princess carriage. But where's Gingerbread Charming?

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Good ol' Tower Bridge

This fine structure made by a group of dedicated Austrian students took a casual 83 hours to bake. You can watch the whole fandango right here.

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa

If you thought the leaning tower was structurally unsound, this biscuit version will have you waking up in a cold sweat.

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Vietnamese pagoda

Chefs at a luxury hotel in Vietnam whipped up this spectacular yard-high pagoda for their guests on Christmas Eve.

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Big Ben

Ding dong, it wouldn't be gingerbread London without big biscuit Ben.

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The White House

Proof that in the States they do things bigger, every year the President gets his very own gingerbread house for the state dining room. In 2009 the house featured Michelle's vegetable garden made of marzipan, while last year's sat atop a giant edible fireplace, which doesn't sound too practical at all.


The one you could live in

Set up camp at Disneyworld, Florida and you could get your greedy mitts on some prime edible real estate.

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The cosy kitchen

If only our house were this organised and our kitchen so tantalising.

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The Up house

Don't worry, this gingerbread house won't have you crying in the first 10 minutes.

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Via: Russ R /


An old farmer's mill

This rickety old mill has been clad entirely with chocolate rocks and red-coloured white chocolate with a gummy roof. 

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old mill

Via: Laurel W /


The modernist's dream

If you've got more sophisticated aspirations than a gingerbread cottage in the country then you'll love this edgy spun sugar work of art.

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The caravan

But with house prices as ludicrous as they are at the moment, the modernist's gingerbread abode these days looks a bit more like this.

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We'd love to see your gingerbread house creations, so please upload your pics and get involved