You mean you haven't had a waffle-cooked brownie yet?

Yes, we know you’re not using that George Foreman grill. And that toasted sandwich maker hasn’t made it out of the cupboard since the 90s. But trust us: you’ve got to invest in a waffle iron. 


We’re pretty sure the manufacturer's guide wouldn't go along with some of these recommendations. But hey! Rules are there to be broken.


1. Scrambled egg

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Makes scrubbing the scrambled egg pan a thing of the past.


2. Brownies

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The ideal solution if you forget to preheat the oven.


3. Pizza

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If you love a stuffed crust, you'll love these.


4. Hot dogs

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No, we're not joking.


5. S'mores

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S'mores waffle sandwiches. What's not to like?


6. Doughnuts

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Cute enough to put Krispy Kreme out of business.


7. Quesadillas

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​Ever flipped a quesadilla, only for the filling to spill out everywhere? Well, that need never happen again.


8. Mashed potato

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Fish cakes are out when it comes to leftover mash.


9. Falafels

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The best thing you're likely to do with a tin of chickpeas. Ever.


10. Carrot cake

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Needs to be seen to be believed quite frankly.


11. Bacon

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This idea isn't a flash in the pan.


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