These delicious frozen treats are the answers to your happy-hour prayers

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Better than a cocktail any day …

Picture this: it’s a hot summer's day, you’ve finished work and you head to your nearest outside watering hole and sip on an ice-cold cocktail.


Could life get any better than this?


Well, yes, if you turn those cocktails into popsicles.


That’s right: boozy ice lollies are a thing and the rule of thumb is if you can drink it, you can most likely freeze it.


Behold the popsicles that are as cool as ice. 

1. French 75 ice lolly

Nothing can go wrong when lemon, gin and champagne are involved. Nothing. 

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2. Peach sangria popsicle

Potent, punchy and they come with satisfying chunks of sweet peaches. For a real taste of summer, try adding a couple of fresh mint leaves into the mix. 

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3. Vodka gummy bear pops

Yes, even adults can appreciate the beauty of gummy bears. For little ones, just omit the vodka and soaking process, and you’ll have yourself a pretty fine popsicle. 

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4. Honeydew cucumber margarita ice lolly

Cool from the cucumber, sweet from the melon, a bite from the tequila. Just add sunshine. 

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5. Pimm's popsicle

Don’t just save your Pimm's for the pitcher. This is a masterclass in how to make Pimm's o’clock last longer.

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6. Mojito ice pop

Hot weather equals mojito. Fact. 

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7. The papaya breeze poptail

In the unlikely event that you find yourself with some leftover rosé, this is what to do with it. However, this frozen fancy is so good that it’s well worth buying a new bottle for. 

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8. Blackberry, goat’s cheese and bourbon popsicle

Yes, we know blackberries and goat’s cheese in an ice lolly sounds rather strange but, guys, they had us at bourbon. 

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9. Limoncello and mint pops

Lemon and mint are a tried and tested combination, but throw Limoncello into the frozen mix and you’ve got yourself a pretty grown-up barbecue digestive. 

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10. Nectarine bellini pops

A bellini is a pretty fine thing and shouldn’t really be messed with – unless you’re freezing it, of course. 

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11. Piña colada popsicles

Pineapple plus coconut plus rum equals a totally tropical taste. 

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What frozen cocktail popsicles are you going to try this summer? Tell us in the comments box below or tweet us @Homemade