Cupcakes, roast beef and fudge: it's time to get your fizz on

Even if you don't like the fizzy stuff, there's something here for you ... 


Coke float popsicles

These look surprisingly sophisticated ...

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Coca-Cola chicken

Sticky, sweet and totally delicious to eat ... though only with someone you know well (eating these wings is a messy business).

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Cherry Coke ice-cream float

This couldn't be more US-style diner if it tried. Although with the Coke, the ice-cream and the cherry syrup, you might have to visit the dentist after this one.

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Cute Coca-Cola cupcakes

The winning combo of Coca-Cola, butter and granulated sugar make these little cakes extra sweet and fudgy. Topped off with salted peanut butter frosting, you could say this is the US perfectly captured in cupcake form.

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Great balls of cola!

Chocolate cola truffles with a touch of rum – though you could use whisky if you fancy.

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Coca-Cola jelly salad

Turn back the hands of time with this retro jelly creation. Made with Coke, cherry, pineapple and nuts, apparently it's delicious with ham. Hmm …

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Dirty Coke fudge

Looks very tempting. We might have to think of another name, though.

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Dirty Coke Fudge



Slow-cooked roast beef

Sunday lunch? Of course, it's the natural next step after Coca-Cola roast ham.

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Coca-Cola ice-cream cake

It's the simple things in life ...

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And finally? The ultimate Coca-Cola cake

This quite literally casts a shadow over all others, and with salted caramel and triple layers of moist Coca-Cola sponge, it gets even better when you dig in. 

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