Celebrate 4 July in style with this classic American treat

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Image: Alternative S'mores recipes to make your mouth water

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Absolutely s'moreish …

Think you need a campfire to make mouthwatering s'mores? Think again …

Nothing says summer comfort food like the combination of gooey chocolate, melted marshmallows and sweet and crunchy graham crackers.


OK, this is only true if you're American. But we're pretty confident that people the world over will be powerless to resist the appeal of s'mores when introduced. And you definitely don't need a campsite to indulge in this classic sweet treat.


In celebration of 4 July, we've rounded up the most mouthwatering – and unusual – s'mores recipes out there, from milkshakes to lasagna. You can thank us later …

Grilled s'mores pizza with snickerdoodle crust

Because pizza is simply the best. Especially when it has salted caramel sauce on.

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S'mores doughnuts

The s'more is introduced to the frying pan. Perfection.

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smores doughnut

Photo: Tartelette

S'mores popcorn

Easy to make and impressive to look at, this is sure to wow the guests at your next movie night.

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Grilled caramel bacon s'mores

​Since we can all agree that bacon improves the taste of everything.

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S'mores cookies

Chewy and gooey, these are a tasty alternative to the classic stacked s'mores. Warning: they're equally addictive …

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S'mores ice-cream cake

This must be the best way to cool down on a hot day.

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S'mores lasagna

Lasagne with chocolate, whipped cream and marshmallows? Why yes, please.

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S'mores martini

S'mores in a glass, with added liqueur? 'Nuff said.

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​S'mores no-bake Nutella pie

Anything with Nutella works for us, really. Add in marshmallows, a graham cracker pie crust (plain digestives would work, too) and no baking time and we're sold.

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Smores nutella pie

Photo: Beth Cakes

Toasted s'mores milkshake

This recipe had us at the seven scoops of chocolate ice cream …

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Do you know of any s'mores recipes we should add to our repertoire? Let us know in a comment or tweet us @Homemade