Hunger + anger = rage and destruction of unimaginable proportions

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Oh, hanger. That uniquely destructive emotion bred when a little peckishness suddenly segways into full-blown starving, and a whole lot of rage. 


For some, an empty tummy is a simple discomfort – like missing an hour of sleep or a noisy colleague who takes some perverse pleasure out of relentlessly humming. 


For others, it can transform your typically chirpy, friendly disposition and twist it into that of a fire-breathing dragon faced with near-certain death. 


To that latter: this one's for you.

1. There is no time for rationality 

When deprived of food, the following behaviours are totally acceptable, and, indeed, to be expected of hangry sufferers. Picking a fight about which brand of loo roll to buy; passive-aggressive eye rolling; taking issue with the way that your other half breathes... you get the picture.

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2. Hell hath no fury like you when the meal you were promised is not delivered

"What do you mean, 'We'll just grab something later'?!? You said we were going for lunch!"


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3. Pizza does not take an hour to make

Anything longer than 20 minutes is a totally and completely unacceptable amount of time to wait for a take away.

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4. After work time is food time 

People who plan after-work events that don't factor in food are, at best, confusing and, at worst, Satan's spawn. This is entirely dependant on which stage of the hanger cycle you're at.

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5. Preparation is everything 

Your snack supply is legendary. Nuts in your handbag, peanut butter on your desk... whatever goes down, you've got it covered.

6. Trains, planes and cars are all cause for concern 

Travel is fraught with worry ("BUT WHAT IF WE GET THERE AND THERE IS NO FOOD OUTLET??!!!"). Again, intense snack prep is the only way to go.

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7. Food before loved ones

There is zero time for love, affection or caring before your hanger is dealt with. Zero. 

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8. Baguettes will balance you back out 

Good news is, a simple sandwich can transform your personality. It takes about two bites.

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9. Indecisive friends must be dropped

It's perfectly valid to cull friends who dither over which restaurant to go to. SO LONG AS IT SERVES THINGS WITH CARBS, LET'S JUST GO INSIDE. OK?

10. Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Nine out of 10 of your apologies centre around saying sorry for things you said while you were hangry.

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How to avoid hanger: the nutritionist's guide 

"Find yourself getting hangry a little too often? No problem: it's easy to avoid," says Rob Hobson, nutritionist and co-author of The Detox Kitchen Bible (£25, Bloomsbury Publishing). "Hanger happens when your blood glucose levels drop too low: what happens is your brain interprets it as a life-threatening situation and releases stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. These are what make you snappy." 


So how best to keep the 'feed-me-now' monster at bay? 


"Balance your blood sugar through the day with balanced meals and snacks," says Rob. "Have something such as eggs on wholegrain toast for breakfast, and go to protein-rich power-ups like peanut butter on an apple or hummus and pitta bread when you get peckish." 


The big no-no? 


"However tempting it is, do not grab something sugary when you're hangry. After a short-lived lift, you'll crash and be right back where you were."