What are you doing for New Year? Talking to goats and banging pots and pans? No, OK

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Bizzare New Year's Eve food traditions, you’ve probably never heard of

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Grab a saucepan, rolling pin and away you go!

Whatever you've got planned this New Year, it can't be as weird and wonderful as these foodie rituals.


Ireland: bang bread on doors and walls to banish evil spirits

Just don't answer the door or you might get walloped with a loaf – not the best start to the year!

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Let this soda bread go rock hard for maximum effect


Spain: eat a grape with each strike of the bell at midnight

We haven't tried to fit 12 grapes in our mouths since school. Conversation killer and possible choking hazard.

The chewing you see here is cheating and thoroughly frowned upon. Via YouTube / salud9manchega


USA: drop strange foodstuffs off buildings

There's the pickle drop in North Carolina, where a replica of a giant pickle is lowered down a flagpole and the sardine drop in Maine, where an 8ft plastic sardine (often sporting LED lights) is lowered. Locals then line up to kiss it for luck – let's see your best fish pout.

You see? We weren't joking! Via YouTube / clifton moser


USA: eat LOADS of beans

Some even advocate eating 365 beans (one for each day of the year). Perhaps not the most sociable tradition.

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Hoppin' John: this traditional US recipe will fill you with luck (and beans) on New Year's Day


Russia: write a wish on paper, burn it and drink the ash before midnight 

Not the tastiest of drinks, but it depends how much you want that wish to come true. 

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This could be a painful waste of good Bolly


Austria: eat pork, marzipan pigs and piggie-shaped biscuits

The pig is a symbol of progress because of the way they push their snouts forward when rooting for food. For similar reasons the lobster is definitely not for New Year's Eve: it moves backwards and no one wants to do that in life.

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Are you looking at me?

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China and Japan: chow down bowls of super-long noodles for a super-long life

The noodles can't be cut so prepare yourself for some serious slurping. 


Romania: head out to the fields in case your livestock is talking

If they're not, it's considered lucky btw. If they are, well, you're in trouble anyway.

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Never mind what the fox says. I'm much more interesting.


Denmark: throw your dinner plates at friends' doors 

So if you come home to a pile of broken dishes, it's a cause for celebration and not a vindictive attack.

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Might have to eat off paper plates now


New Zealand: make some NOISE!

By banging on pots, pans and any other kitchen utensil you can lay your hands on ...

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New Zealand New Year's Eve traditions

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Champagne and makeshift drums make for a cracking party




Know about any even weirder New Years' Eve traditions? Or perhaps you fancy inventing one! Share your genius ideas in the comments box...