Whether you’re on the road, mid-air or in a tent – there’s loads of inventive ways to fill their bellies on family holidays

1. Campfire s’mores, UK style

They’re a camping mainstay across the pond, but if you’ve yet to be acquainted with the gooey snack, you’re in for a treat. S’mores are traditionally made with Graham crackers in the States but we’ve replaced them with easier-to-find cookies. To make, toast two marshmallows over the campfire on a skewer, wave in the air to cool slightly, then squish between two cookies. See more Tasty things you can cook on a campfire


2. Kids' bento boxes for flights

We love the Japanese style of compartmentalising ingredients into sections in a box – very handy for taking out and about without messing it all up. If you’re going abroad with the kids this year, a bento box of their favourite snacks is perfect for in-flight (and mess-free) satiation.

Bento boxes

Clockwise from top: 1. Strawberry, cheese cubes, cheese twists, celery and peanut butter. 2. Grapes, cucumber and peanut butter, Sainsbury's Eric the Elephant Salted Crisps, carrot sticks. 3. Flapjack, coconut, watermelon, popcorn. 4. Melon, Mini Oreos, pretzels, blueberries.


3. Stopgap essentials for a self-catering holiday

Self-catering breaks with the family are hard to beat, but it’s annoying to have to hunt down the nearest shop for supplies as soon as you arrive. It’s worth grabbing a few essentials from the kitchen cupboards before you set off to keep everyone going for a day. Here are nine basics we can’t do without – do you agree?

Essentials for a self-catering


4. Epic campfire breakfasts

Don’t let Bear Grylls put you off, campfire dining can be a five-star experience with a few basic ingredients to hand. Irish potato farls are a delicious way to start the day and you only need potatoes, flour and butter to make them. Cook over the camp stove and serve with your favourite brekkie ingredients in the same way you would with pancakes. See recipe for Potato farls


5. 7 things all mums know to be true on a family holiday

Sand in your handbag? Tick. Ice cream accidents? Tick. ‘Are we nearly theeeere yet?' Tick. Here are 7 things that are all too familiar on a family holiday.


6. Next-level car snacking

Disclaimer: one bite of these and you may never return to the shop-bought variety. This recipe cleverly skips the fussy bit by using the meat from sausages, reducing pre-oven prep time to just 15 minutes. Once they’re ready to go, pile into Tupperware and try not to eat all at once. See recipe for Cheat’s sausage rolls.


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7. Chocolate marshmallow bananas

That’s right, we’re introducing baked bananas into the mix. Pack a few ‘nanas, some mini marshmallows and chocolate chips before you head out into the wilderness and this sweet melty snack is guaranteed to keep you warm at night. 

To make, split one banana (with skin still on), pile in the marshmallows and chocolate, wrap in foil and stick on the coals of the campfire for five minutes