It turns out that the seed is the most important part. D'oh

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Avocados? You know the drill. A clean cut in half, pop the two halves apart, whack out the seed and get on with slicing, smashing or spooning all that creamy green goodness. 


But wait. 


There is, it transpires, a fatal flaw in this routine. And that fatal flaw – wait for it – is throwing away the massive seed in the middle




According to the health-conscious folk over at One Green Planet, the oh-so-disposable-looking part is actually pretty nutritious. This is all backed up by a 2003 study from the National University of Singapore, which found that the seed contains up to 70% of the fruit's total antioxidants​. Ooooh. 


So how to eat something that looks, on the face of it, pretty inedible? 


Chop it into quarters (they're softer than they look) and whizz up to a power in a blender. About half of the mix will taste OK in one smoothie serving: they're pretty bitter really, so don't get too carried away. We discovered this ourselves when we had a go at this whole blending-and-eating malarky …


We had a crack at blending avocado seeds. Definitely needs a lot of flavour masking …

... they don't taste so good solo.


Whizz them up with half of the avocado's flesh, one banana, a handful of spinach, a handful of raspberries, a squeeze of lime and a cup of ice, though, and they are totally un-taste-able. 

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