Introducing the gourmet delivery service that will bring Michelin-starred restaurant food to your door, directly from London's top eateries

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Image: Introducing: the new delivery service that will change how you eat in London

Photo: Instagram / tamarindofmayfair

What's your Friday night takeaway drill? Perhaps a glorious tangle of soy-soaked noodles? Crispy battered cod doused in vinegar? 


Whatever your favourite takeaway is, it looks like your start-of-the-weekend routine is going to take a turn for the fancy. 


Introducing: Supper – a gourmet delivery service that brings food from London's finest restaurants directly to your door. 


Already on the start-up's impressive list of eateries to order from are Tamarind, one of the few Indian restaurants in the world to ever be awarded a Michelin star; no-reservation Soho seafood specialists Randall and Aubin, and super-luxe Mayfair hangout Benares. There's also a section devoted to wine from which you can select a bottle of vino to pair with your order. 


So just how does the venture deliver such posh nosh from the kitchen to your home without it getting a bit cold or losing some of that dining-out allure? 


The company's founder, former financial trader Peter Georgiou, told The Telegraph that he's invested tens of thousands of pounds in state-of-the-art delivery bikes, imported from Japan and built with the latest technology.


The bikes are fitted with specially designed boxes that keep food contained at the correct temperature, as well as holding everything securely enough so that none of the chef's presentation work is lost. 


Having quietly launched within Zone 1, we can expect a bigger area to be served from September. 


We'll never dial for a pizza again. (Please don't hold us to that.) 


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