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What's your favourite high street chain eatery? Prezzo? Pizza Express? Café Rouge? 


Sure, they're all good. 


But the nationwide outlet that has taken the crown of the country's most hygienic​ is none of the above. In fact, it's somewhere you wouldn't ever think of as a restautant, to be honest. 


It's Wetherspoons. 


Yes, the home of Cheeky Vimto (that's blue WKD mixed with port – don't ask how we know that) and 2-4-1 burger deals really has its act together when it comes to cleanliness. 


The Food Standard Agency's (FSA) latest report shows that 93% of the pub's outputs achieved a hygiene score of five – the highest grade possible. The national average is 84%. 


Pret A Manger also muscled in for the accolade of joint first, with the majority of its outlets achieving top rating. And McDonald's came just behind, with 92.9% hygiene rating.

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In order, here are the UK's top 20 brands in the hygiene wars (with the percentage of their outlets given top marks, if you're a real neat freak).


1. JD Wetherspoons: 93.1   

2. Pret A Manger: 93.1   

3. McDonald's: 92.9   

4. Starbucks: 91     

5. Nando's: 90.2   

6. Domino's Pizza: 90.1  

7. Greggs: 89       

8. Burger King: 88.3

9. Pizza Express: 87.4 

10. Frankie & Benny's:  83.1 

11. Costa Coffee: 81.4

12. Prezzo: 79.9 

13. Pizza Hut: 78.6   

14. Subway: 77.7 

15. KFC: 76.9

16. Sizzling Pub Co: 74.9  

17. Papa John's: 68.5  

18. Harvester: 67.5

19. Caffe Nero: 66.9 

20. Hungry Horse: 66.1


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