We're starting to worry everyone on the planet is more creative than we are

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Image: You won't believe what this Instagram artist can do with spilled coffee and wine stains

Photo: Instagram/bernulia

What do you see in your coffee each morning? Nothing? Then you're pretty much like the rest of us.


However, there are those who see a masterpiece-in-the-making.


At least, when you're Giulia Bernardelli, Instagram artist extraordinaire, you do.


The Italian artist turns spilled coffee, wine, chocolate, honey and more into extraordinary food art using her fingers and a spoon to paint faces, landscapes, couples and boats sailing the high seas. She even turned her morning espresso into a striking silhouette of designer Karl Lagerfeld.


Bernardelli is also inventive when it comes to fruit and vegetables, creating gorgeous still-life compositions of colourful produce – an upcoming project for Vogue magazine, according to her Instagram account – and carving into apples and strawberries to make stylish faces and witty phrases.


Check out some of her most impressive works below (and bemoan the fact you never went to art school).

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