The world's first portable soft-boiled egg with breadstick soldiers is coming to a shop near you

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Image: You must be yowking: pre-boiled eggs are a thing

Photo: Yowk

Ah, boiled eggs and soldiers. Nothing beats the simple perfection of a warm runny yolk wrapped in a blanket of egg white sitting on a buttery finger of toast.


But perfection is hard to achieve.


If you’re too dippy (or lazy) to boil an egg, fear not, because the ultimate convenience product has arrived.


Yowk is a partially pre-cooked, perfectly runny boiled egg that comes with breadstick soldiers, salt and pepper and a spoon, all in a pot with a lid that doubles as an eggcup. Genius.


The free-range egg is partially cooked in its shell using the sous-vide method (the modern equivalent of boil in the bag, in case you don’t watch MasterChef). When you’re ready for that perfectly soft-boiled egg, just add boiling water to the pot and leave for five minutes.

The result? A foolproof runny egg every time. Cracking.

The downside is the price. At £1.49 it comes in at several times the price of a standard free-range egg and, let’s face it, it’s not that much faster than boiling an egg on the hob – but who has one of those in their office?

Is this an eggcellent idea or the height of laziness? Let us know what you think in the comments box below …