It's on the Strand and there's a lift specifically built to give you pizza. What more could you want?

In the market for a new home in the capital? 


If so, your hunt is over. For there is a swanky new batch of pads on sale – and they come with a pre-fitted pizza lift. The only catch is they're around the £5m mark, but you really can't put a price on pyjama-accessible takeaway, can you now? 


The four flats in the super fancy Gatti House development all come equipped with a butler's lift in the master bedroom, which leads up from a restaurant next door. The lucky inhabitants can buzz the eatery, place an order and not even have to leave the room, before food is delivered up from the kitchen below. 


The nifty feature is a relic from the building's previous incarnation as the Adelphi Theatre’s restaurant. The rooms were used for private dining by people as illustrious as Oscar Wilde. 


So what about some other amazing deliveries that are a tad more, ahem, accessible?


Gett Champagne Delivery

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Get a bottle of ice cold Veuve Clicquot champagne and two flutes for £50 delivered to you in central London with a few taps of the Gett black cab app.


One Delivery 

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All your favourite fast food delivered to your doorstep whenever the mood strikes? One Delivery, available in Leeds, Sheffield, York, Nottingham and Cardiff, is what you need. Hungover/lazy bliss.


Burrito Bomber

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Ever wished a burrito could be brought to you via drone? Of course you have. So news that this USA-based company is dropping packages of guacamole-stuffed joy from the air should be music to your ears (if it ever comes to the UK). 


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