Words are so 2014

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Are you still ordering takeaway food with words and letters, like a loser? 


Well get with the programme, grandma – it's all about emojis now. 


Yes, London burger delivery service BurgerBurger has done away with the old-school style of ordering, and instead implores peckish urbanites to text them with the miniature burger and fries illustrations. 


Want two burgers? Send two burger emojis. Fancy fries? Send the fries emoji. And so on and so on. 


And these won't be any old fast food chain patties winging their way to your door. Oh no. The service deals exclusively in the capital's finest meat-and-bun makers: MEATliquor, Patty & Bun and Tommi's Burger Joint. Which you end up with remains a mystery until it arrives. 


It's just all so deliriously modern. 

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Via: pattyandbun

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