This is quite possibly the best news we've ever heard

Some things sound too good to be true. Happily, in foodie-land, those unicorns (cronuts! cakes that look like a bucket of KFC!) have a way of becoming real.


Behold: wine ice-cream. Be still our beating hearts.


Unveiled by upstate New York dairy Mercer's at the 2015 Summer Fancy Food Show last week, the boozy ice-cream – which has up to 5% alcohol – was first made back in 2008 and is available through Mercer's online, where they ship across the US and sell to countries including the Netherlands and China.


With eight flavours to choose from, including riesling, port, strawberry sparkling and chocolate cabernet, there's a poison for every palate.


Closer to home, Taywell makes a plum wine-flavoured ice-cream, but sadly there's no alcohol in it.


How many pints could you handle?

While our freezers eagerly await this genius invention, why not try these delish boozy ice lollies to battle the heat?