All men must dine, so let's imagine what some of the lead characters might order at the Games of Thrones restaurant

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Image: Yes, there is going to be a Game of Thrones pop-up restaurant

Photo: HBO

An epic three-day feast has been planned to allow Game of Thrones fans to dine in true King’s Landing style.


Celebrating the release of the fourth series on DVD (the fifth will be hitting screens in April), HBO have teamed up with the pop-up maestros known as The Wandering Chef (responsible for the offal-themed Heads, ShouldersVeals and Toes, Veals and Toes) to serve up the “finest delicacies Westeros has to offer”.


Taking place between 13 and 15 February at the Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel in London, diners will feast on dishes such as “The Lies of Tyrion Lanninster and his Proclaimed Innocence” or as it’s otherwise known, poached veal tongue with beetroot, horseradish and Oldtown mustard.


Barely an episode of this fantasy series goes by without a moment that creates slack-jawed shock in its viewers, but for now we’ll just imagine what food those GoT characters might be tucking into.

Daenerys Targaryen

The dish: well, she did eat a horse's heart so we’re thinking she’s not too fussy. If you managed to watch that without retching, you can consider it an achievement

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Jon Snow

The dish: a mutton and ale broth, porridge or a pork pie to warm those cockles – living on The Wall over winter must be a cold, cold place

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Sansa Stark 

The dish: lemon cake. As with all good people, cake is her weakness (just like her dear departed mum)

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Tyrion Lannister

The dish: mushrooms in butter and garlic (well, even when he thought the dish was poisoned, he couldn’t resist them) and some wine. Lots and lots of wine. Obvs

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Arya Stark

The dish: a hearty rabbit stew with a couple of foraged mushrooms. She's been living rough for what seems like years

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Jaime Lannister

The dish: simple canapes or single cutlery dishes: that new gold appendage looks mighty swanky but it's not terribly useful

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Feeling peckish? Head to HBO’s website for a chance to win a place at the table.

Can't wait? Watch the Game of Thrones Season 5 trailer below:

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