These distinctly savoury (or should that be unsavoury?) Easter eggs are coming next month. Why oh why?

Mind-boggling news flash: Marmite and Pot Noodle Easter eggs are a thing.


No, we haven’t made these savoury-come-salty-come-sweet creations up, they will be landing on shelves in February. Eggcellent.


Food giant Unilever and confectionery firm Kinnerton have teamed up to create the novelty eggs which, they say, will “broaden the appeal of Easter.” Hmm.


Julie McCleave, head of licencing for Unilever UK said: ”We wanted to bring something new to the Easter egg market.” Well, Julie, you’ve certainly done that.


While Marmite and chocolate is nothing new (hello Paul A Young and his malty, squidgy Marmite brownies), using the Pot Noodle is. So what can we expect? Well, all we know is that it comes in a mug. Not sounding much better.


If you thought the change of chocolate around Cadbury’s Creme Eggs was earth-shattering news, then these will shake you to the core.

Would you really try a Marmite or Pot Noodle Easter egg? Let us know in the comments box below ...