Study reveals why you don't appreciate the taste of olives until you're 25

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Image: Yes, age affects your taste in food

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This is the stuff of children’s nightmares: that piping hot margherita pizza arrives but, wait a second, they’ve showered it with those pesky olives. Dinner ruined.


The bad news is that those fussy little eaters might not succumb to the powers of the olive until their 20s because as it turns out, there is a gastronomic watershed.

A new survey has revealed that the average person doesn’t appreciate stronger and more complex flavours such as blue cheese and anchovies until they are, on average, 22.


Scientists have previously theorised that our changing tastes are due to the number of taste buds in our mouths declining with age (by the time we become adults, only a third of these taste buds remain, apparently), which might explain these results.


These are the foods you are unlikely to enjoy until you hit your late teens and twenties:

The young ones

Age: 19
You’ll get a taste for: garlic and gherkins

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Times are a changin'

Age: 20
You’ll get a taste for: curry, kidney beans and mackerel

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Coming of age

Age: 21
You’ll get a taste for: spinach, peppers, aubergine, horseradish sauce, mussels and parmesan

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Strong stuff

Age: 22
You’ll get a taste for: blue cheese and anchovies

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Eat your greens

Age: 23
You’ll get a taste for: avocado and asparagus

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Something fishy

Age: 24
You’ll get a taste for: chilli sauce, oysters and brie

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Olive you

Age: 25
You’ll get a taste for: olives

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Say cheese

Age: 28
You’ll get a taste for: goats' cheese

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Goats' cheese

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