Cooking up crazy things with bacon is an internet obsession, and sometimes the enthusiasm gets slightly out of hand ...

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Image: Wrap it up: how to eat bacon with everything

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A succulent strip of bacon plucked from the frying pan and dripping in its own fatty juices has standalone power. But bacon can be wrapped around just about anything, and some say it makes everything better.

This is the distilled wisdom of people who spend a lot of their time with bacon. 

Wrap up: asparagus

Make: a parcel
We say: just add a poached egg and we’re in breakfast heaven

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Wrap up: dough

Make: a bacon cinnamon roll
We say: salty, sticky and sweet? Give us the recipe

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Wrap up: eggs

Make: bacon egg cups
We say: bacon. Egg. Cups.

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Wrap: puff pastry

Make: cheesy bacon wrapped puff pastry twist
We say: that’s our Christmas canapés sorted then

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Wrap up: a doughnut

Make: a doughnut dish that would make you a hero with kids
We say: only for the most devout of bacon lovers

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Wrap: avocado

Make: fries
We say: nothing. We're in food heaven. Eating.

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Wrap: a fruit pie

Make: an apple pie topped with a bacon lattice
We say: is it dinner? Is it dessert? We’re confused

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Wrap: turkey

Make: a speedy supper
We say: sometimes simple is best

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Wrap: dates

Make: devils on horseback
We say: it’s not just about pigs in blankets, you know

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Wrap: ice cream

Make: the bacon weave ice cream sandwich
We say: channel your inner Heston Blumenthal

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Wrap: tomatoes

Make: a roasted sweet and salty side
We say: say hello to the new addition to your Sunday roast

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Wrap: eggs (yes, again)

Make: fried bacon wrapped eggs
We say: Sunday brunch just got a whole lot quicker (and with less washing up)

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Wrap up: Sweet potatoes

Make: fries
We say: this could be a side, a meal, a snack. The possibilities are endless. Mmm.

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Wrap up: peanut butter balls

Make: deep-fried bacon-wrapped peanut butter balls
We say: guilty pleasure just took on a whole new meaning

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Deep fried bacon wrapped peanut butter balls

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