Oodles of noodles for dessert? Hmm ...

Another day of Chocolate Week, another bizarre cocoa creation: step forward the Choc Noodle. 


No, this isn’t a joke, the student staple really has had a hot chocolatey makeover.


Delivered piping hot to your mouth in four minutes these noodles now come with the addition of creamy chocolate sauce, chunks of all-butter fudge, milk chocolate chips and maple-covered pecan nuts. Mmmm. We think.


The new Pot Noodle was invented with the help of award-winning chocolatier Paul A Young, who regularly adds Marmite and Stilton to his cocoa creations.


He said of the comfort food concoction: “The salty pecans offset the sweet chocolate and the butter fudge is wonderfully indulgent and gives the dessert an added depth of flavour.”


We're off to find one. Would you try the Choc Noodle? Tell us below …