Getting a job at Maccy D’s might be harder than you think

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Image: Would you pass McDonald’s job test?

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Would you like to take a personality test with that Big Mac?

Well, the fast food giant is reportedly giving potential staff a 23-question multiple choice quiz online before they can submit an application to work in one of their stores.


And it’s harder than you think.


The company says that the questionnaire is designed to 'help McDonald’s understand the position in our team that suits you best.'


While some of the question may seem pretty run-of-the-mill to the average job seeker, others seem easy to fail.


So, while you might think 'hey, it’s easy to get a job at Macca’s', you might want to check out these quiz questions first.

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Homer simpson

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The predictable

“How would you describe your interest towards food?”


A: Think about food only when I’m hungry
B. Not really that interested in food
C: Passionate about food
D: Some interest in food

The unpredictable

“You are approached by a group of young kids while you’re relaxing in the park. They want you to join them in a game of soccer. What are you likely to do?”


A. Apologise and explain that you really don’t have time to play with them
B. Join in for a couple of minutes just to make them happy
C. Join in with them as you really enjoy playing with kids
D. Ignore them or tell them to go away

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Big Bang Theory

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The MasterChef moment

“You find that you have some time available to cook. What do you do?”


A. Be creative and experiment with whatever you find in the kitchen
B. Grab a cookbook or download a new recipe to follow
C. Get a takeaway as your cooking skills are pretty ordinary
D. Make a meal you are very familiar with

The question with answers that barely differ

“While in the supermarket, the man behind you trips and spills his shopping all over the floor. He is obviously embarrassed. What do you do?”


A. Start helping the man by picking up his groceries
B. Let the man know that the same thing has happened to you and offer any assistance he needs
C. Approach the man and ask him if he needs any help
D. Don’t worry about it as there are other people around who can help

The anxious stranger scenario

“You are waiting at the bus stop, and the bus is late. An elderly lady seems anxious that the bus has not yet arrived. She asks you if you know what has happened. What do you do?”


A. Check your phone so you can tell her exactly when the bus is expected
B. Reassure her that it will be coming soon and provide her with regular updates
C. Tell her that you don’t know
D. Smile politely and tell her that you think the bus should be arriving soon