Making food your everyday business is just such a delicious thought. Here's what you should be doing in 2015

For many people the idea of launching a business is a long-held dream. If you aren't one of the lucky ones who have nurtured an idea for years, we are here to help.


According to a new report by, these are the hot foodie business opportunities to hop on over the next 12 months – go forth and conquer.

Quirky cafes

Oh how quick people were to mock the Cereal Killer Café (yep, they serve 100 boxes of international breakfast grains with a choice of 12 different milks) and Simply Crispy (the first crisp sandwich café), but apparently it’s all about monomania right now.


It’s time to take favouritism to a whole new level.


Bacon bistro, anyone?

Report image

They're grrrrreat: the Cereal Killer Cafe in London

Peruvian food and drink

The march of Peruvian food seems unstoppable and tapping into the cuisine (hello ceviche) this year could be a lucrative decision, according to the report.


Fewer than 5% of people in the UK have tried Peruvian food, but 47% would like to, apparently. We like those numbers.

Report image
Ceviche London


Ceviche from Peruvian restauranta, Ceviche, in London

Custom-made 3D printed products

There is a whole new meaning to the phrase "printer jam" because printing food is a thing.


With the technology moving on and now more readily available, printing cookies and chocolate on demand is now a reality (oh yes). 


While we dream of the office printer delivering our afternoon tea, it might be slightly short notice to start this one now ...

The 3D XYZPrinting food printer in action

‘Free from’ foods

We all know that niche diets are on the up – chances are you know someone who can’t eat or doesn’t “do” wheat, gluten, dairy, or all three. This is a "high-growth area", don't you know.


After all, those on a free-from diet do get a bit of a rough ride when eating out. 

Report image
Roasted mackerel

Photo: Jonathan Gregson

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