Sainsbury's 'Waste Less, Save More' initiative could transform where you live by giving your town £1,000,000 to spend on waste-saving innovations

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If you're anything like the vast majority of people in the UK, the issue of food waste – both in terms of money-saving and being eco-friendly – is pretty high up on your list of concerns.


That's why Sainsbury's has launched a new 'Waste Less, Save More' initiative to find a town, city or borough to receive a £1m fund to test out some of the most cutting-edge innovations in reducing food waste.


So, why now?


Over the last year, the family-favourite supermarket has conducted research among 5,000 of its customers to discover the values that matter the most to them when they do their grocery shop.


The results showed a clear need for families to reduce the amount of food they waste - as on average a UK family throws away £700 worth of edible food a year.


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From tracking food in the fridge that's about to go off to trailing new packaging that keeps produce fresh for longer, the winning community will have a range of new ideas brought to them in a number of ways: via instore activity at their local Sainsbury's through to school projects and town-wide events. 


Think your town could be the one to take up the challenge? Here's the criteria you need to meet to apply:

  • Your town must have a population between 15,000 to 300,000
  • You must have a Sainsbury's (supermarket or local) within a five mile radius
  • Evidence that your community is interested in reducing food waste, as demonstrated through events or fundraising initiatives, would be advantageous but not compulsory
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what could you be doing to reduce food waste


Now download the application pack and form


Good luck! 



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