Seriously, just have a mint tea

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Caffeinating too close to bedtime is a bad idea. This we know to be true – especially after staring blankly at the ceiling for way too long after an accidental 6pm latte. 


But some new light has been shed on why it's seriously in your best interests to resist the lure of the after-dinner espresso. It turns out that too much java too late in the day can have the same affect on your body as a long haul flight – with a resetting of your internal body clock akin to jet lag. This is caused by caffeine delaying the onset of the hormone, melatonin, which is in charge of preparing your body for slumber mode. 


Teams of scientists in the UK and the USA conducted experiments on volunteers, exploring what happened to individual human cells when they were exposed to the world's most loved drug, caffeine. They found that consuming the equivalent to a double espresso three hours before bedtime delayed the natural surge of melatonin by 40 minutes. 


Factor bright light into the equation (hello candles and table lamps) and that went up to 105 minutes. 


You have been told. 


Read the full report in the Science Translational Medicine here


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