You’ve got your bags packed and the hotel is booked, but who on earth is going to look after your sourdough starter?

We’re being serious. This is a real problem. If you want your dough to rise (after all, it's the starter that does all of the heavy lifting) then you need to treat your batter as you would a living thing, because, well, it is.


Like a child, it enjoys lots of fresh air, needs regular feeding and can become unruly if neglected: this flour-and-water based mix is a sensitive soul.


New sourdough parents looking for success in the world of real bread will benefit from these simple tips. Here's everything thing you need to know to start propegating your little ones with a chewy crust, irregular bubbles and a tangy aroma:

Name it: you wouldn’t leave a baby without a name now, would you? We think Bob or Frank are good strong sourdough names but remember, with a name comes great responsibility. 


Nurture it: fresh air, feeding, and the occasional conversation don't go amiss. Well, the last one might be optional.


Daycare: as all new parents will know, you should never feel embarrassed about asking for help. Just as you would send a little one to nursery or a pup to doggie daycare, don't be afraid to ask (responsible, foodie) friends to look after your starter


Nanny no-show: OK, so your starter sitter has let you down. Never fear, there is another option: you can refrigerate it


Are you a sourdough aficionado? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments below ...

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