It's the hot sauce that's hot stuff, and now it's being turned into popcorn, hummus and crisps. And the world is very excited

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Image: Why everyone is nuts about Sriracha

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Is your life spent dousing spicy red sriracha sauce over eggs, your favourite meats, or basically anything else that's edible in your life? Or, do you quietly contemplate licking the table when you spill some because, let’s face it, it would be a crime to let even a drop go to waste?


Welcome, dear friends, to the sriracha club. It's time to profess your addict status.


For anyone who has been living under a chilli-shaped rock for the past couple of years, sriracha is a Thai condiment, a sort of garlicky, vinegary, spicy, funky ketchup if you will – oh and did we mention the amusing birds on the bottle of the most popular brand? 


There are Tumblr pages devoted to the stuff, a cookbook written entirely about it and a rendition of Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam that sees God handing Adam a bottle.


If you thought we reached peak sriracha last summer, where you couldn't eat out without the red stuff encroaching on your table, then you would be wrong.


Now, joyous news has reached us at Homemade HQ: the company behind one of the world’s most iconic hot sauces is finally branching out into other foods.

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That’s right folks, soon you will be able to get sriracha popcorn, tortilla chips, croutons and even hummus and mayonnaise. Huy Fong Foods, the company behind the best-known sriracha sauce, has teamed up with Pop! Gourmet Foods to create a plethora of new and wonderful treats.


So, for anyone who has been scoffed at for singing the praises of this wonderful condiment’s versatility, this is what we call a victory.


Now for the really good news: the sriracha powder used to flavour these beauties will also be hitting shelves in the US, and hopefully appear in the UK soon too.


When we say we love sriracha, we really, really mean it.


We present to you, our favourite sriracha moments.


Take precautions in protecting your bottle

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Car seat

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You’ve tried to convert the non-believers

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Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam

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There is no limit to how much of the sauce you can put on your food

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Put sriracha on sriracha

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It’s the only fancy dress costume you will consider wearing

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Dressing up

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You never want to be separated from the sauce again

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Key ring

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And here’s how to put Sriracha on everything. 

Sriracha bacon

If you thought a strip of bacon plucked from the frying pan and dripping in its own moreish juices was good, you clearly haven’t tried it with the hot stuff. 

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The avocado, egg and sriracha grilled cheese sandwich

Otherwise known as "the morning-after sandwich of the gods". 

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Watermelon salad with a sriracha vinaigrette

You’ve got sweet, you’ve got spicy, you’ve got a pretty wonderful side dish here. 

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Spicy sriracha popcorn

Who says you have to wait for the new sriracha popcorn to hit the shelves? Make your own and have it today. 

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Strawberry sriracha margarita

The powers of the sriracha sauce extend to cocktail hour too. 

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Sriracha lime doughnuts

Note to self: sriracha can be used in baking. Rejoice! Here, a spice-infused doughnut balances out tangy lime glaze wonderfully. 

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Sriracha hummus

Make your own smoky, spicy hummus or just add the hot stuff to some pre-brought hummus. We won’t tell, honest. 

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