A new study reveals that a pesky gene is the problem

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Booze: some people can drink it and stay sensible, some people can't. And those clever scientists have figured out why. It's all down to your DNA, apparently. Well, a genetic mutation to be exact. 


Scientists have discovered that a pesky gene mutation could be responsible for reckless and impulsive behaviour in certain folk when under the influence. 

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The research was carried out by the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Around 2.2% of the Finnish population (around 100,000 people) were found to have a mutation in a receptor protein in the brain that's needed to process the effects of alcohol. 


And it was these people who were more likely to get overly lairy and make silly decisions after a few. The results were found by taking a sample of 1,031 people, some of whom carried the gene mutation and some who didn't, and measuring their personalities using character tests and past behaviours. 


Additionally, those with the gene mutation were found to be more likely to be wilder and less considered in other areas of day-to-day life even after a boozy session.


Either way, whether you have the gene mutation or not, it's a good bet to always drink responsibly and, y'know, not go over the top.



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