Just four booze-free weeks can work wonders on your future health, says new study

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So, the whole Dry January/Sober For October idea? Looks like it might be a good one. 


Taking a month off drinking alcohol could lessen your chance of developing disease later in life, according to new research. 


Academics from University College London monitored 102 healthy men and women as they cut out booze for the sad month of January and found that their liver stiffness – damage and scarring caused by excess – was down by 12.5%, while their insulin resistance – a measure of diabetes risk – was down by 28%. Additionally, they lost up to 6lb in weight, as well as reporting better sleep and improved concentration. 


The cohort were self-described "average drinkers" with the women drinking about 29 units per week (that's three bottles of wine) and the men drinking around 31 units per week (that's a bottle of spirit). Both are over the recommended guidelines. 


On the findings, Professor Kevin Moore, who co-authored the study, said: "If you took a drug that reduced blood pressure and improved cholesterol and insulin resistance, it would be a blockbuster drug that would be worth billions."


The next step, the team say, is keeping track of whether the health benefits remain over the next few years as well as experimentations on how a two or three month liquid hiatus affects the body. 


Guess you know what we'll be doing come 2016 …




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