We’re down to the final four but who will be crowned MasterChef champion?

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Image: Who will win MasterChef 2015?

Photo: BBC / Shine TV

Cooking. Doesn’t. Get. Tougher. Than this.


Things are heating up in the MasterChef kitchen this week as Tony, Simon, Emma and Paul are all vying for culinary glory.


That’s right, it’s MasterChef finals week.


Before the contestants can sit back, relax and write a cookbook or two, they’ve got to contend with a trip to Sweden, cooking for Michelin-starred legends Marcus Wareing, Daniel Clifford, Andrew Fairlie, Anthony Demetre and Francesco Mazzei, before presenting a three course meal to judges John Torode and Gregg “I love pudding” Wallace.


No pressure then.


Battling it out for the MasterChef crown (well, trophy) are:

Tony Rodd, aka the one with the moustache who makes great puds

Recruitment consultant Tony is a wizard when it comes to puds: he knocked out five plum tartes tatins for the Red Arrows as if he was making a brew, turned Gregg’s “thick, sticky and brown" brief into a caramel frappuccino that had us wishing taste-o-vision was a thing, and then covered a kirsch-soaked cherry in gold leaf. Nuff said really. 

His achilles heel: the invention tests have caused a few stumbles. This is a man who likes a plan. 

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Photo: BBC / Shine TV

Emma Spitzer, aka the one who likes Middle Eastern flavours

Now this is a woman who knows how to pair pistachio and lamb, black za’atar and duck, and make a baklava look really tempting. When she’s told what to do (hello there taste tests), it tends to go awry but left to cook with her barberries and harissa, she’s good. Very good.


Her Achilles heel: the briefed tests and presentation can let her down.

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Photo: BBC / Shine TV

Paul Bogle, aka the grafter

We have a sneaking suspicion that the judges have a soft spot for this smooth operator. He’s a hard worker (he made his own noodles for goodness sake) who has had a few mishaps (cooking a partridge instead of a quail in John’s taste test and serving food critic Charles Campion butter-poached lobster with black pudding, which he called “gratuitous”).


His achilles heel: he quietly goes about his business but he’s going to have to fight to make it into the final three.

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Photo: BBC / Shine TV

Simon Wood, aka the one who hasn’t put a foot wrong … yet

Management Executive Simon showed off some pretty strong leadership skills in the Red Arrows test and is a flavour warrior: chicken and chorizo tortellini, and an Elizabeth David-inspired rabbit dish. We can only recall one mishap: a beetroot and chocolate ice cream that didn’t quite work. That's it.

He’s got to be a sure bet for the final three, hasn’t he?

His achilles heel: could he be just a little too perfect?

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Photo: BBC / Shine TV

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