Tonight it's all about pâtisserie – ooh là là! Do you know your entremet from your baklava? Read on ...

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A berry entremet

If there’s one week on the GBBO that’s guaranteed to make us hungry, it's this: pâtisserie week. 


It's the semi-finals in the Bake Off tent (sob, only two more episodes left) and it’s all about French entremets (a mix of mousse, cremeux, cake and usually something crunchy), baklava and a technical challenge that will have you delving into that dictionary again – we’ll save you the trouble, it’s a schichttorte: a German cake with an insane number of different coloured sponge layers. 

If we found ourselves in front of Mary and Paul this Wednesday night, here’s how we’d play it.

Sweet success

For all that sweet and sticky goodness without having to faff around with layers of pastry, this baklava cup is pure genius. 

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The fruity one

While Martha’s chocolate and passion fruit doughnuts missed the mark last week, the flavour combo is a winner. 

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The one we haven’t heard of (again)

No GBBO week would be complete without us resorting to our dictionaries (OK,  Google) as another technical challenge comes along that no-one has ever heard of. This week, it’s a German schichttorte. Based on the baumkuchen (nope, that didn’t help us either), it is cooked under the grill and has a lot of layers.

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The chocoholic's dream

Sitting somewhere between a cake and a pud, this chocolate mousse, banana crème and hazelnut crunch entremet takes indulgence to a new level.

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Coming up roses

A drizzle of rosewater and orange blossom water will add a lovely sugary perfume to the baklava mix. 

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Berry peculiar

Over crumbles? Fed up with fools? If you’ve got the time (and patience) this berry entremet is a pud to impress. 

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