Biscuits are wonderful, wonderful things, but it turns out they're also a window into your soul. After all, you are what you eat

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Image: What does your favourite biscuit say about you?

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We bring you joyous news: today is National Biscuit Day (yes, that’s a thing).


The day where you can legitimately stuff your face with biccies has arrived, but selecting that crumbly goodness can be something of a minefield.

To add to the pressure, McVitie’s has now revealed what your edible soulmate says about you.


There’s no hiding behind that dunker because this is how the cookies have crumbled …

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The digestive

You are: fun loving
But you: wish you were a little bit wiser
You watch: Coronation Street
You want to: invite Cara Delevingne out for a drink (obviously)

The milk chocolate digestive

You are: kind
You live: in London
You watch: Coronation Street
You want to: take David Beckham out for a drink. Oh, and go on a beach holiday to Spain 

The rich tea

You are: shy
But you: wish you were funnier
You live: in East Anglia
You watch: The Only Way is Essex

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The fruit shortcake

You are: charming
But you: wish you were more patient
You watch: Neighbours
You live: in the North West
You want: a staycation

The ginger nut

You are: female
You’re also: feisty
But wish you were: more sophisticated

You want to: hang out with Russell Brand and take a trip to Tokyo

The Jaffa Cake

You are: cheeky
But you: wish you were more responsible
You watch: Geordie Shore
You want to: go for a drink with Joey Essex

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The HobNob

You are: funny
You’re also: 36 years old
You watch: EastEnders
You want to: go for a drink with James Corden


We can’t vouch for how accurate this is – or isn’t – but we’ll mull over the findings over a few more biscuits.