Toast is the window to your soul, apparently

Are you easy-going? A perfectionist? Rebellious? Forget tealeaves, it’s all in how you take your toast.


According to academics commissioned jointly by marmalade makers Duerr’s and Roberts Bakery, every aspect of your morning toast-eating habits can reveal something about your personality. Well, 15 things to be exact.


After all, you are what you eat …

Make a toast

You: eat hot white toast with the crust on and dip the butter knife in the jam (shock, horror)
Which means: you’re an achiever

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Because you’re worth it

You: like a sizeable slice of bread spread thickly with jam
Which means: you’re self-indulgent

Wallace & Gromit in The Wrong Trousers / Aardman Animations / YouTube via Lindsay Wison

A cut above

You: hold the pre-cut bread, you have to slice it yourself
Which means: you're a control freak

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Trendy toast

You: like your bread 50/50
Which means: you’re a hipster

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Mix it up

You: have your toast a different way every day. You rebel, you
Which means: excitement is the name of the game

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Via Instagram/anne2matthew

Butter it up

You: spread that butter right up to the edge
Which means: you’re a perfectionist

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Upper crust

You: cut the crusts off
Which means: you don’t like things going wrong (who does?!)

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