We really, really need all of these Big Apple confectionary wonders. Now

Salted caramel apple pie. Dark chocolate cream pie. Whisky-kissed sweet potato pie with torched marshmallow. Blueberry pie with buttermilk oat crumble. Flambéed banana cream pie. 


Surely, to sample all of these magnificent creations all at once, one needs to die and go to heaven? 


Not true. For the man who invented the Cronut has made this spectacular event an actual, genuine reality, for one night only. 


Pastry wizard Dominique Ansel’s newly opened New York bakery, Dominique Ansel Kitchen, will host the dessert extravaganza on the 1 October. For $35 per person, jammy guests will get champagne, as much pie as you can handle and ice-cream to top it all off with. 


So, really, the question is: just when can we bring this incredible concept to the UK?


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