You can now get a glass of bubbles on demand thanks to London's black-cab service, Gett

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Unnecessary Friday decadence alert: you can now order a bottle of posh champagne with just the touch of an app. 


It's true. Black-cab service Gett has added a fizzy new offering to its pick-up and delivery remit, with the opportunity to have a bottle of yellow label Veuve Clicquot motorbiked over to your office/party/street corner (we don't judge) with a few simple swipes.


The best part? It'll be with you in 10 minutes. Plus they'll send a couple of flutes too, so no need for undignified swigging from the bottle. Win. 


It's available around Shoreditch, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Kensington, the City, Clerkenwell and Belgravia in London between 4pm and 10pm at the moment.


The only catch is that it will set you back £50, so maybe reserve it just for super-special occasions … but then every day should feel special, right?


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