Are you plain vanilla or a racy raspberry ripple? Find out which ice-cream is a bestseller in your part of the UK

When it comes to ice-cream, we each have a strong opinion on which flavour tops them all, whether it's chocolate, mint or something more adventurous, like neapolitan.


The one thing everyone can agree on? No matter the flavour, we can't get enough ice-cream. 


While we're not completely buying into the theory that your preferred ice-cream flavour reveals hidden personality traits (are chocolate lovers really more flirtatious?), your ice-cream choice can apparently give away something else: your geographic location in the UK. 


According to new data released by Sainsbury's, the gelato-loving tastebuds of Brits vary from region to region with Yorkshire residents clamouring for classic vanilla, while people in the south-west go mad for mint chocolate chip.


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UK favourite ice cream

Photo: Sainsbury's


The 52-week Nectar research also showed that our Scottish neighbours prefer fancier flavours (think caramel and salted peanut), while the Northern Irish are more likely to choose a fruity dairy split or raspberry ripple (also a hit in the West Midlands) over good old chocolate.


The north-east loves to indulge in a rather fancy almond ice-cream lolly, while Londoners are partial to a chocolate and nut cone, or a retro neapolitan.


Sounds like they've got it licked.



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