It's time to get your holiday drinking etiquette down, folks

Attention everyone looking to eke out the last of the summer and head on holiday this August. 


There's a new video doing the rounds that provides invaluable advice for while you're sunning yourself in foreign climes: specifically, how to toast your drinks in the tradition of the locale. 


Heading to Berlin? Be sure to clink the glass of everyone at the table, and look each of them in the eye as you do so, before proclaiming 'Prost!'.


If you're planning on taking in the sights of the Great Wall, remember that in China it's polite to click your glass lower than your host's. 


And if you're coming over all transatlantic and heading to New York, stick with US custom and make a toast to the guest of honour. 


Happy clinking! 

All about trying to live like a local when you head abroad? Let us know your favourite destinations in the comments below.