It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for doughnut-kind

In a story that sounds more Homer Simpson than Hubble space mission, Swedish company Stratolys has sent a doughnut up into the stratosphere.


Just because.


The intrepid little doughnut left the comforting compounds of its box, hitched a ride on a weather balloon and ventured to the edge of space.


Going where no humble treat has ever gone before, the doughnut was launched from Norway (with the help of a glass plank, GPS tracker, the balloon and a camera) and was sent soaring to an altitude of 32 kilometres – a trip that cost $1,134.47.


Unfortunately for the pink-iced traveller, the balloon pops and the pastry comes tumbling down. Sadly, it didn’t survive the journey.


A search-and-rescue team recovered the doughnut from a lake though. Soaked and in bits, but totally triumphant.