No opener? No problem

Have you ever found yourself in a standoff with a tin opener? Fruitlessly trying to bash at your tuna with no results? Perhaps you manage to prise a couple of millimetres away, but then the whole operation goes off kilter leaving you sad and still hungry?


We've all been there. 


But in good news of the day, a certain Russian YouTuber, well versed in the art of life hacks, has revealed an alternative. 


By taking a slab of concrete, you can force the tin's lid to move away from the container, before simply squeezing to release your soup/plum tomatoes/whatever. Skip to 00:47 to get straight into the action. 


As well as being useful for those not graced with the finest tin-opening-mastery, this would always be great in the event of trying to survive at the end of the world. 


Win win.


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