It's the chemistry lesson we've all been waiting for. Hallelujah

Cheese toasties are in the spotlight.


From Soho's The Melt Room restaurant – which opened earlier this year and specialises in gooey goodness sandwiched between sourdough – to a postal delivery service that'll bring one to your door, everyone's favourite comfort food has gone gastro. 

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If you're terribly old-fashioned and still prefer to make your cheese toasties at home though, science is on hand to help you get it right. 


This video from the American Chemical Society (ACS) explains how the the key is choosing a cheese with the perfect pH level. 


This is because the higher the pH, the more the cheese is able to ditch its supporting protein molecules and to start gloriously melting instead. If the pH is too low, the cheese will release too much oil and your toastie will be a soggy mess. 


So, which cheese to choose in your quest for the ultimate sneaky snack? The ACS says that manchego, gruyère and gouda (all with a pH between 5.3 and 5.5) are ideal, as is a mild cheddar. 


Let's get buttering the bread, then? 



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